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"Amplinate truly delivers on the boutique vendor experience needed to complete high-level research, and this is due primarily to the successful thought leadership and team management of Josh and Marcelo. This was the most enjoyable vendor research relationship I've had the privilege of working with in many years and thoroughly recommend to anyone in startups or big tech."

Darwin MastinUX Researcher @ Facebook

"Amplinate [formerly Authentique UX] has been a pleasure to work with on every project I have conducted with them. Josh’s ability to come up with creative methodologies to answer difficult and complex questions, as well as the flexibility and adaptability of the team as a whole, has been invaluable in our research process. This team is extremely skilled at understanding and empathizing not only with our users, but also with our internal teams, to ensure our research objectives are met and the insights they deliver are relevant every time. I highly recommend Amplinate."

Emily GranUX Researcher @ HP

"I partnered with Amplinate to conduct a multi-country research study on a highly sensitive project with a difficult recruit. What set Amplinate apart? They are high level thinkers, strategic partners, and provide flawless execution to conduct high quality research. Their research helped us set the direction for our team for years to come while providing concrete action items to address the most pressing issues with the current product."

Ignacio ContrerasUX Researcher @ Facebook

"Josh LaMar is hands-down one of the best researchers I have ever worked with. His user-centered approach shines a light on the underlying human needs and behaviors that are so critical to understand in product development. I warmly recommend Amplinate and Josh LaMar."

Britta BurlinPrincipal Design Manager @ Microsoft

"Josh is an expert in understanding our customers. Every time I talk with him, I learn something new: a new research methodology, insight around a target user, or trends that impact our products. I rely on Josh’s insights and intuition to uncover target user behaviors, needs, and motivations which is paramount to defining and designing products. Having a highly skilled researcher like Josh to help frame and target the right problems to solve is a huge advantage."

Jamie HwacinskiProduct Manager @ Coda

"Josh is extremely personable and easygoing - he made the whole process fun and exciting. He is also very focused and passionate about his work, and cares deeply about user research. I appreciate his respect for open-ended qualitative research, his empathy for our users, and most of all, his keen sense for how we could take what we learned and impact the product strategy."

LiAnne YuAnthropologist @ Entrepreneur

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