Cultural Immersion in South Africa:
Building Communities through the Lens of Technology

Have you ever heard the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” or maybe you’ve used the phrase, “We are in it together,” or, “These are my people”? What we are essentially saying is that we belong together, and community matters.

We are currently living in the technology age, so how and where does technology fit into the community-which is important in South African culture-and why does it matter?

The Question:

What makes a community-based product successful?

The Process:

By conducting an exploratory study through cultural immersion, we were able not only to hear but also to see and experience the cultural nuances of what our participants shared, as well as connect with them in a meaningful way.

The Problem:

We learned that there is tension between positive and negative online experiences, which has a direct impact on the individual and the community.

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